Floor root variety


The most common variety, no one. The blade is green to the leaf stem, and the exposure can lead to an irregular pink area of ​​the page. The nutrient reproduction is more active. Usually, it will begin to have a significant bud seat after the real leaf, and the nutrient reproduction begins.

Little leaves do not die

More common varieties, leaf pairs, small leaves, more thick polyfried leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves and leaves, long green spots, stems are pink pink, managed It is very cute, which has a stable casting species.

Bar or dead bird

More common varieties, blade interaction mutual life, leaf-shaped, all plants come with more obvious white frost, so green, foliar and leaf back, long-have long green spots, and stems are usually pale dark green.

Due to the leaves of the leaf, the bud seat of the blade is less, but the bud is very active, it can be very high, it can’t stop.


More common varieties, often confused with large leaves, leaves are born, and the tiger leaves are sword shape, the leaves are dark green, and the leaves are deep purple tiger skin pattern, which can grow very high, very easy to grow up.

Roller or dead bird

Wild varieties, many wild distribution in southwestern China. The leaves were laminated with the odd two-repose leaves, the leaves of the flat, and the growing plants will be planted with a racket (teaspoon, spoon) shape.

The leaves are tender green ovate, the leaves have a lap, the leaves are purple, stem green, this non-dead bird is not active, will not be aggressive, not like a lace, when the blade falls off or plants, the leaves and The petiole will gerlen to find the soil under the gas root, and the plants will be re-growing.

Jade bell

Very popular variety, blade is born, the green vane leaf edge has a circle of powder purple, and the whole plant is obvious white cream, and the garden is also called “Dance of the Butterfly”. Nutrition reproduction is not active, the leaves fall off or the loop will take the initiative to take the initiative to bud, no bud, and have a stable casting.

Bai Ji Dance

Like the jade hanging habits of the upper side, it is more particularly that the leaves of Bai Ji’s dance do not have a sputum, so it is a very strange way to take a small bag on the edge of the leaves, then slowly become small. bud.

Palm bead

More rare varieties, leaves, the leaves are deep, and the blades have a deep purple point pattern. The whole straam will give a thick white frost. It should be the starch of the starch. Deep green, the leaves are large, but each leaf has only a few buds, the name of the palm bead is also known as the appearance of “a large leaf film holds a few small seedlings”.

Palace lamp long life flowers

First, the palace lights are scored to the landing roots. It has been confirmed that the long life of the palace will not leave the bud, and it will not be dying, but the difference between gamflak and landing roots is spent on the flower. An exception has a hanging blossom.

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