Floral, one-red farming method


Potted, one-pointed red clay is the primary, can’t be odor. Second drainage is good, contain a small amount of soluble saline, containing a must-have element that meets a red growth. If it is directly digging soil from the residential garden, there is no impurities. Usually the soil selected is mainly peud and soil, pearl rock, vermiculite, ceramics, steep mixed, and plants soil in front of the sun, so ased for 30 minutes.


One product red is fertilizers, the growth period is 7 ~ 10 fertilizers once, and there is a use of nitrogen phosphorus potassium. After August until flowering, 7 ~ 10 days, a nitrogen phosphorus liquid fertilizer is applied, and the phosphate fertilizer is accepted when it is close to flowering, and the flowers can be guaranteed. But every time you fertilize it, you can’t give birth to fat. Usually fertilized in the evening, watering the next morning, the number of times the light is low in winter, and the concentration is halved.


One product is more sensitive to moisture, watering uneven, bias or polarity can cause adverse reactions. Excessive watering, the leaves are sagged or even rotten; the water is lacking, the blade will be curled. Therefore, a product red water is water, and it is necessary to see the wet, the initial period of growth (planting seedlings), the plant is not large, water is small; the water is high, the plant grows strong, water is more water, every morning, each morning and evening, According to the weather conditions, water is sprayed toward the ground. Spring and Autumn Season 1 ~ 2 days, water


One pilot red is a short-term plant, and the flow time within 12 hours a day, the flower buds begin to differentiate, and if you want to get flowering, the flower bud differentiation requires 15 hours or more dark time, this period (October to March, March) should prevent lighting Illuminate. In addition, proper maintenance, in the summer season is appropriate.


The key to cultivating a poinsetty is watering, as long as it is not a sudden weather, the outdoor environment can meet the growth needs of one pink. However, improper watering will affect the growth and development of plants, and ensure that the potter is wet.

One pointed red is a beautiful flower, which can grow strong under strong light, but it is difficult to endure the sun in the summer, and proper shading does not hinder its growth.

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