Flower arrangement techniques (2)

Metal silk winding method

This method can support the flower branches, and it can also overcome some defects in the shape of the flower branch. Use the metal wire with enough hardness to wrap around the flower branches according to your own ideas, but the selected metal wire should not be too thick, and it does not affect the ornamental effect of flower arrangement. For aesthetic effect, you can wrap green cotton paper or coated with green paint on the metal wire.

Metal wire wear

This method is suitable for hollow flower branches, such as celery flowers, golden chrysanthemums, and Fulang flowers. To select the metal wire with appropriate thickness and insert it from the incision or the center of the flower. If it is difficult to pass through the flower part, you can handle it flexibly according to the situation, or not completely penetrate the flower branches, or partially wearing a heart, partial entanglement treatment Essence

Wedge -shaped method

This method is suitable for rough woody flowers. It can be inlaid into the branches of the branches in triangular wedges to achieve natural aesthetics while not exposing artificial traces.

Cutting bending branch

If the bending angle required by the flower branches is not large, you can use scissors to cut the branches with scissors, and the depth of the incision should be based on 2/3 of the diameter of the branch.

Leaf -making method

Flowers such as 箬 leaf, book with grass, and other flowers can change the original shape by curling. A blade can be flattened, rolled from the tip of the leaf to the leaf stalk with a thin stick, until the leaves still have a certain curling degree.


Like the leaves, ginger leaves, etc. with petiole and soft leaves, you can take a blade for bending, and pierce a small hole in the tip of the leaf, and then penetrate the petiole in.

Support fixed method

First prepare the metal wire and transparent glue, then flatten the leaves down, attach the metal wire to the edge of the center’s veins, and then stick it with transparent glue.

Leaf deformation method

This method is applied to plant leaves with width and hard texture, such as palm leaves, iron leaves, etc., which can be trimmed into round and fan -shaped shapes.

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