Flower language of different color tulips

Red tulip flower

Red gives people a sense of enthusiasm, and thus, the meaning of red tulips is also very straightforward: I love you. It represents the confession of love, the declaration of love, joy, and love.

Yellow tulip flower

Yellow tulips express no hope, no hope. In Europe, the United States, yellow flowers are usually less popular, and the relevant flowers are also negative. In fact, the bright yellow contains the joy of spring, and what can people don’t like it? So, some people think that yellow tulips are elegant, precious, wealth, cherish, friendship symbol.

Pink tulip flower language

Pink is a soft and beautiful symbol. Pink tulips flower is: beauty, love, cherish, friendship, happiness.

Purple tulip flower language

Purple has red romance and noble, and there is also black mysterious and sad. Purple tulips have fatal attractions that represent noble love, endless love, loyal love.

Black tulip flower

Black tulips is relatively rare, which represents mystery and noble.

White tulip flower language

White tulip represents love, lost love.

Plateau tulip flower language

Pride, stand up, create beautiful, beauty creation.

Two-color tulip flower language

Beautiful you, happy.

Feather tulip flower


Wild tulip flower language

Chastity. In ancient Roman myth, tulip is a daughter of Brathen, she asked her to flee from the love of the autumn god Belzu, and asked the gods of the gods, turning himself into tulip flowers. Therefore, there is a meaning of wild tulips that is chastity.

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