Flower name combination in the flower world

Camellia Fengxian

Camellia Phoenix -sounds like a tea flower, phoenix flower, and two different flowers. In fact, it is a Chinese name of a plant. This kind of flower is a family of Phoenix Flower, which is actually a kind of phoenix flower, but it will open to severe petals when blooming, which looks like camellia.


Lotus Mulan, from the name of the name, is the lotus and Magnolia. Others are also called lotus magnolia, and they are also called Guangyulan. It is a kind of Mulan. When blooming, the flowers are relatively large, the color is mostly white, and it has fragrance. The shape of its entire flower looks like a large lotus.

Narcissus Lily

Narcissus Lily, also known as Liu Chuhua, is a very beautiful flowering. The shape of its flowers is somewhat like narcissus flowers and daffodils, and the stems and leaves look like lily. Narcissus lily can be potted, but at present, it is more used for cutting flowers.

Peony Schilan

The peony spylon is not actually spider orchids. The reason why people are raised by people are actually because of its soft branches and creeping. However, peony hanging orchids are also very beautiful, so when breeding, people can watch leaves or flowers. It is said that it can also be eaten. It is a kind of plant with a lot of benefits.

Grape Wind Shinzi

Grape Wind is a genus plant. Its shape is similar to that of the cash, but the flowers look more like a bell, blue -purple, dense, and a string of a string of grapes.

Grape Wind is really a cute thing. Whether it is potted planting, or through the planting, and planting, it can play a good effect.


Pyreas, I believe many people are not unfamiliar with it, so whether it is bamboo or peach. In fact, its stems are like bamboo, and flowers look like peaches. But this combination is also beautiful.

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