Flower plants are in winter!

Poisonous Winter Winter

To sum up, the most important thing for succulent plants to be safe and overwinter is to keep warm and reduce watering.

Most of the succulent plants are hot. In the face of low temperature, many varieties of succulent growth will slow down and even enter the dormant stage. Therefore, in winter, pay attention to daily heat preservation of succulents and timely succulent plants to receive light. We all know that the meaty leaves of succulent plants contain a lot of water. It is easy to suffer from freezing damage because of its fleshy blades. Therefore, in winter, you must do a good job of insulation.

The growth of winter was originally slow. At this time, some fleshy meat entered the sleep, and the physiological activities almost stopped. Naturally, watering should be reduced to prevent the root of the meat. , Need ventilation, but don’t let the meat close to the window to prevent freezing!

Observation plant overwinter

Observation of leaf plants mainly pay attention to maintaining room temperature to ensure the indoor temperature, which is higher than the minimum temperature of plant growth. For friends who do not have heating at home in the south, you can build a small shed for flowers and light it on time. In the area, there is no need to worry about this problem with heating. Xiaobian knows that your winter room temperature is completely fine! But pay attention to the problems of ventilation and watering, don’t let the plants lose to other factors.

Winter Plant Winter Winter

The fruit -viewing plant is relatively special. If the fruit watching plants of the flower friends have ended the fruit, you need to pay special attention at this time. Do not fertilize it, otherwise it is likely to cause the fruit drop. Compared to other plants, in winter, in winter, in winter, in winter, Gradually reduce the amount of watering, but the fruit watching plants are not. The growth of fruits requires a lot of moisture. If the water is not replenished in time in winter, it is likely to cause the fruit to dry. Therefore, insulation is naturally needed, but watering cannot be ignored!

Summarize the specific detailed articles of plant overwintering

In fact, in winter, flowers and plants are roughly needed to do. Xiaobian uses such a paragraph to summarize: less watering, applying less fertilizer, sunlight, and preventing diseases! Keep more ventilation at room temperature, be careful of plants and don’t catch a cold!

In fact, no matter what type of ornamental plants, it is the key to conservation of their growth habits. I want to say here that as long as the flower buds are maintained by the heart, when, your flowers will not have problems! Looking forward to your flowers in winter, bloom for you! Green for you!

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