For 10 years of deserted rural houses, she spent only 10,000 and transformed into a beautiful garden!

Huaye, Xuzhou, is an independent photographer.

The most commonly listened is the title of beauty photographer.

But Huaye didn’t care,

She cares more about her work.

And, tossing life into what you want.

Finished product map

In order to achieve this goal, Huaye resolutely decided,

Move your photography studio into the countryside!

Don’t doubt, it’s a real countryside.

After looking for three months, Huaye and her husband decided to rent a yard that had been abandoned for ten years.

This small yard is broken at the first glance, and the second eye is particularly broken. The third eye will doubt the third eye. Can this live?

It was the landlord’s uncle’s embarrassment, but Hua Ye signed a 10 -year contract with the landlord for 10 years.

Although in the eyes of others, it is shocking here to watch,

But Huaye likes this simple feeling. She wants to make this tattered dwellings into her ideal garden!

Just do it!

Huaye is a photographer, but it is not a designer, and she can’t afford professional indoor designers with her financial resources at the time, so the design of the entire house was organized by her own.

In order to save money, she finally decided to control the budget at about 10,000.

Everyone felt impossible at the time,

However, Huaye is such a woman who can turn impossible into possible.

Except for some things that Huaye family can’t do, the rest, all the family of three are all packaged!

As an actionist, Huaye also planned his garden early.

Before the final transformation, Huaye’s family co -authored in front of the worn hut.

Well, it is inevitable to transform the garden.

You have to paint the surrounding walls, and Huaye also gets started in person.

In the garden in the dream of Huaye, there must be a pergola, but the sweetings racks are built to spend too much money. Finally, Huaye clapped it and made it with bricks!

Use red bricks to build four pillars in the place where the original permacale, and then set up a platform by yourself. As a result, after completion, wow, the effect is not bad ~

And Huaye is still a photographer. This percux is simply one of the best places!

In addition to the pergame, Huaye also transformed the door of the room and changed to a door with some retro styles. Does it look much more beautiful?

The original door panel was also removed by Huaye, and it was transformed for three or four days before finally making a table. In the future, friends can come and play to eat. The workload of this transformation is really not small. After finishing it, you can’t stand up to your waist …

After cleaning up the yard, Huaye pondered again for the small yard, because it was the idea that had just emerged, so he was temporarily set as the party area and the green plant area! The division is still cheap red bricks.

The whole family goes into battle! The 6 -year -old doll is also contributing to his own strength and water! Moving bricks! Anti -keel! Shovel! Give forward the spirit of not being afraid of suffering or tired!

When you are hungry, you eat instant noodles with your parents! But I am very sensible!

After more than a month, the general structure of the entire courtyard was considered to be considered. Clean the yard and house, and next, it is time to stuff all kinds of favorite things inside!

Huaye rarely buy something, most of her yard is tattered in the eyes of others.

Like some bricks left in the house, you can plant flowers to fill in the soil.

The broken chair that has been useless has been filled with succulent plants by Hua Ye, which looks full of vitality ~

The cherry tree in the yard decided to stay long ago. Huaye put a bathtub here, and there was a gauze on it. It was a photography scene for customers. Unfortunately, it is not spring now. Can’t see the appearance of the cherry blossoms.

Some old boxes that do not need to be at home were also planted by Huaye.

There are also some pottery tanks, crocks, jars, and baskets in rural areas. They are also collected by Huaye and planted a variety of plants.

Even some old furniture was thrown in the yard by Huaye, and was filled with flowers and plants.

There is also the rusty oil barrel, which was also moved into the yard by Huaye and planted a rose.

Oh, by the way, before planting flowers, Huaye also used gasoline barrels to make molds, made several stone pier, placed on the path covered with cobblestone, and looked at harmony.

Moreover, because Huaye never forgets the small fence, he also made one in the small garden! Sweet the cherry tree directly.

The outside shelf is also full of flowers and plants ~

In addition to these, Huaye also specially started the hanging chairs that had been optimistic about it. There were several pillows inside. When he was leisure, he directly depended on the sun in the hanging chair!

When it is spring, the cherry tree behind it is full of cherry blossoms, and it is a blockbuster effect! Super beauty!

Oh, by the way, do you remember the door panel that Hua Ye was dead? Now it has become a table!

Put it near the stove outside. When friends come, you can experience a meal cooked by a stove!

Turn on a few buckets of beer, perfect!

Don’t think that the flower of Huaye who has changed such a yard is very bold. In fact, Huaye is also a very delicate woman.

In this small garden she built, Huaye can do anything she wants to do, such as being a happy little carpenter, little painter, chef …

Putting flowers and plants every day, mosquito bite in summer is inevitable and tired, but the moment you see the flowers blooming, you will feel that all your hard work is nothing.In particular, there is a yard that transformed by myself, that is definitely full of happiness!

Final renderings

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