Water tower

The leaves of the water tower are narrow, such as swords, green and lustrous. The fresh red pillar is extrapolate from the tender green pallet, which is about 30 cm high. The top will lead to many small flowers, three petals, light yellow, the edge is blue, and the flowers are opened. When it is placed, a string of blue-green flowers, under the red sepon, which looks out of gracefulness, and the viewing period can be up to two months.

Ji Pear

Ji Poishi is also known as Xiaoyani, the most suitable potted planting. The leaves are tensile, with wavy edges, color, red or purple, etc., with longitudinal stripes such as crab-shaped, white or light green, born in the leaf cluster, form a disc.

蜻蜓 梨

蜻蜓 凤梨 又 名 美 光 光 光, 粉 Pineapple, plants consist of 10-20 leaves constitutive rod-shaped leafhouses, base cups, strange. The leaf tip is a blunt corrupted, green, surface plated with a layer of silver, the leaves are irregularly reservoir and dark green horizontal stripes and plaque. The intensive small flower was opened to blue, and it turned into roses red, just like a flavor and flying, the viewing period for a few months.

Phnom Pan

The vane shades of the pineapple of Phnom Penh, flipped outwards, and gloss. The front surface of the blade is dark green, the edge is yellow and green, and some blades are also growing yellow-green stripes. When flowering, each small flower is yellow, red, purple three-color, very resistant to watch.

苞 凤 梨

The painful pineapple is also known as the torch, it is a hybrid. The edge of the blade is smooth and there is no zigzag. Up from the center with an upright flower, up to 35–40 cm. The flowers are dark red, and they have a gloss, and the whole inflorescence is like a torch, the flower period is up to three months, and it is also the pet in the pineapple.

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