Four major precautions on balcony plant flowers

Pay attention to the wind on the balcony flower

If it is a closed balcony, this is not a problem, but when you raise flowers, you need to pay attention to the wind if the open -air balcony.

Wind is relatively circulating, but if the wind is too strong, it will easily cause damage to the plants. Pay attention to wind and protect flowers.

Pay attention to lighting on balcony flowers

Although the balcony has more contact light, it will be different because of the orientation. Generally, the north -facing balcony light is strong, and the north is relatively poor. Therefore, the heat -resistant and drought -resistant flowers that like light on the south -direction balcony are like cactus, short glory, sun flowers, rose flowers, and so on. The north -direction balcony, the light is relatively poor, and there is no direct sunlight, which can cultivate some flowers. Like Wenzhu, Schilan and so on.

Pay attention to temperature on balcony flowers

The balcony is generally made of cement. After sunlight, the temperature will rise, especially on the balcony west, the light in the afternoon will increase the temperature significantly, which is not good for growth.

If the temperature is too high, you can sprinkle some water. When moisture evaporates, it can take away some of the heat.

Pay attention to water and air on balcony flowers

To grow flowers on the balcony, if the ventilation is better, the air will be relatively dry. Pay attention to watering and keep the air humidity. You can put a pot of water. When the water evaporates, it can improve the surrounding climate.

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