Four misunderstandings of flowers in the sun

Misunderstanding 1: The direction of the flower pot will not change

When many flower buddies are exposed to the sun, they just put the flower pots in a place where they are suitable for light, but they do n’t know. In fact, this method has great disadvantages to the growth of flowers. We all know that the growth of plants is shiny. When the direction of the flower pot is fixed, the flowers will unconsciously grow in the direction of the sun, and it will cause the plant branches to bend and affect the ornamental value of flowers.

The correct approach is actually very simple. As long as the flower pots are rotated every other time, the plants can enjoy light evenly. The flowers are naturally upright and upright. The time interval of rotating the flower pot is the most suitable cycle.

Misunderstanding 2: Flowers are happy, the stronger the light, the better

Different varieties of flowers have different growth habits. Some flowers are happy, and they correspond to flowers. This also caused many people to have a cognitive misunderstanding -Xiyang’s flowers should be more light. Therefore, many flower buddies are exposed directly to the scorching sun directly. This approach really hurts a lot to flowers. You must know that even Xiguang plants are often harmed when they experience exposure, which may cause symptoms of dried leaves, leaves, and blackening of plant leaves.

The correct method is to accept light in moderation. When the light is strong in summer, pay attention to shading plants to ensure that the flowers avoid direct sunlight, and put the sunburned plants in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance.

Misunderstandings 3: The indoor is exposed to the sun across the glass and the sun is exposed to the sun

If it is in winter, the plant is tanned across the glass, but in spring and summer, during the vigorous period of plant growth, the sun has been exposed across the glass, which may affect the growth rate of the plant. The glass has a certain blocking effect on ultraviolet rays. UV with long wavelengths can promote the growth of plants and promote the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, it is also a problem -problemly way to dry the sun for a long time.

The method of solving the problem is very simple. In the right weather, opening the window can not only improve this problem, but also help indoor ventilation and reduce the breeding of bacteria. Friends with conditions can move the flowers outdoors to receive lightly light, but to need Note, remember to cover the flowers in summer.

Misunderstanding 4: Xiyin Flower does not need light

Many flower friends will appear in the process of breeding flowers. The flowers are long, easy to fall, weak disease resistance, and the phenomenon of leaves and yellow leaves. At this time, you may have to find the cause in light. The growth of plants requires photosynthesis, and lack of light for a long time directly affects the growth of plants.

The correct practice is that Xiyin’s plants can receive scattered light in moderation, facing long plants, and trimming in a timely manner. In addition, pay attention to the moisturizing level of potting soil and lack of light for a long time, which may cause bacteria in the pot to breed, so therefore, it may cause the breeding of bacteria in the pot. Therefore Do a good job of ventilation and disinfection of potting soil, which is more beneficial to the growth of flowers.

Well, Xiaobian said these four misunderstandings. I wonder if you have a trick if you love flowers? As the saying goes, you can change the mistakes, be good and good, and make a timely correction of these errors. We seriously care about the breeding flowers. I believe that the flowers will feel and continue to bloom for you!

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