Four Misunderstandings of Pearl Plum Breeding

Breeding pearl plums blindly shaded

Pearl plums are more shade -tolerant plants. Many people feel that it is more overcast when breeding pearl plums, so it is planted in a dark place and lacks the sun.

In fact, this is a big misunderstanding of breeding pearl plums. Pearl plum is more yin to be divertic, but it does not like darkness. It grows better in places with sufficient light.

Nourishing pearl plums only sparse cuts and not short -cut

Many wooden plants need to be trimmed to grow well, and Pearl Plum is a relatively resistant to pruning plant, and there are many branches, so when you trim the pearl plum, you will cut it. Essence But it is not enough to cut the shear, and it is necessary to shorten the long branches.

If it is just a sparse branch but not short, it will affect the ornamental effect of the plant. If the residual flowers are not cut off after flowering, a lot of nutrients will be consumed. So it is best to combine sparse branches and short -cutting.

Breeding pearl plums despise water and fertilizer management

Many people think that Pearl Plum is a kind of extensive management plant, and there is no need to worry about it, so when breeding, it does not pay much attention to water and fertilizer.

In fact, although Pearl Plum is managed extensively, it is necessary to water and fertilize well, otherwise the plant will grow slowly, flowers less, and do not resist strong resistance, which is prone to pests and insect pests.

Breeding pearl plums ignore the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests

Many times, pearl plums are not prone to diseases and insect pests, so everyone feels that the pests and pests of Pearl Plums are very resistant, so they do not care. In fact, the prevention and control of the pests and insect pests of Pearl Plum is very important. Only by doing the prevention and control work can it be healthy and not produce diseases and insect pests. Otherwise, it is still easy to be attacked.

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