Four seasons of nursing methods for the dormant period of Begonia!

Fertilizer management

Begonia generally blooms during the Spring and Autumn Period. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient water in the soil and water it in a timely manner. By the summer of the summer, the begonia will enter the dormant stage. At this time, the water should be reduced in moderation, and the soil in the flower pot is always maintained. In the season of rapid growth, you can fertilize it, mix the fertilizer water, and pour a little bit. This helps better grow and bloom during growth.

Temperature lighting

The four seasons of Begonia need to be appropriately carried out, but it does not need to be exposed to the sun. When the summer is hot, it can move it to the cool place. If you feel that the light is not enough, you can put the four seasons of the four seasons in the sun in the morning and evening to breathe in the sun. Once the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it will affect the growth of the four seasons of begonia, especially in summer, you need to pay more attention. In winter, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is maintained above 15 degrees.


In the spring and autumn season, the four seasons of begonia grew stronger. At this time, pay attention to the ventilation conditions of the seasons of the placement of the bells of the four seasons, and usually placed in a wide open place for light. In order to avoid the direction of the growth of the four seasons of the four seasons, it can often be converted to the angle of the flower pots to make it uniformly light. In order to prevent the leaves from drying, spray water mist on the leaves to maintain the humidity of the surrounding growth environment. To deal with these problems, the four seasons of begonia will safely sleep and grow.

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