Fragrance, breeding method and precautions

Most of the fragrant wood is located in the middle of my country’s central, north and southern part of the south of Sichuan. The fragrant wood has the characteristics of Nyben, the warmth, the slow growth, the long life life, and it should pay attention to the cold of seedlings in the northern region.

Farming method

Choose a suitable plant

The fragrant wood is very beautiful, is a very ideal potted plant, the bonsai fragrant wood is placed indoors, which can create a kind of wild mountain water trees to move into the home, naturally fresh. Therefore, it is the first important step for potted liquid incense.

Choose a trunk curved, slightly deformity of the fragrant wooden seedlings or gestures slightly old, the tread is very simple and beautiful, the wild tread is the best, but in order to protect the environment, it is not recommended to do this!

Conduct trim

After the fragrant wood plants are selected, the next step is to trimming.

After planning the shape and placing position, trimming according to the indoor space and the actual environment, remove the pest branches, the length and cross-overlapping branches.

Upper basin

The penetrating purple sandbas is selected as the scent of the fragrant woodpot plants or the bonsai home is the most suitable, and the soil is solid after the upper basin, and water is water to keep the soil moist.

The fragrant wood is a kind of plant, placed on the balcony or the windowsill. These ventilation is very good. In daily maintenance, you should also pay attention to adjustment and correction of plant growth and shape as needed.

Usually, after several years of maintenance and management, you can have a great savory wooden bonsai / potted plants!



Many fellowships will change the potting and transfer after buying Qingxiang wood. It may lead to deciduous phenomena after transplantation. It is normal to respond, and the fellow can not worry too much.

Soil and moisture

Qingxiangmu does not need too much watering, generally can be used within 3-5 days, and must be put into water (wet the bottom), too much water, easy to cause rotten roots (that is, the burning Therefore, the soil also needs to choose a soil such as drainage and water-water.

Outdoor environment

It is mainly wind blow and sunshine. For Sunshine, you can do every day, because the fragrant wood is high, but to avoid exposure, it is usually the best place in the balcony and in the room. Even if the sun does not matter, the fragrance has a certain resistance.

And for wind blowing, the fragrant wood does not have much resistance, when the family is home, try to avoid love and flow! The small leaf connection point is easy to make your fragrant wood into the Mediterranean …

Temperature and placement

Normally, there is no problem in the room, considering that the green plant will release carbon dioxide to absorb oxygen, or not in the bedroom is better, there is no problem in the winter.

In addition, when the plants are weak, don’t make a cleavage to pick up the heat radiation before the computer.


The above is the breeding method and precautions! Is it finished reading a small introduction, and I want to pick up a pot? Operation, you have your own savory!

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