Fragrant wood changing method

Fragrant wood changing method

Pelvic time

Xiangxiangmu is an evergreen plant. If it is properly operated, it is not required for potting time. However, after changing the pot, the plant needs to be placed in a cool place for ventilation, about 7 days. The best time to change the basin is the period when the fragrant wood is dormant. During this time, the plant’s demand for nutrition and moisture is not very large, and it can avoid hurting the root because of the pot. More importantly, dormant wake -up into the period of germination is more conducive to plant wound healing and avoiding infection.

Pelvic method

First of all, it is better to use the purple sand pot, because it is very transparent, planting fragrant wooden pots or bonsai, and the diameter of the flower pot is about 15 cm. This will not waste the space and help the development of the plant root system. When changing pots, be sure to use a new basin and soak 24 hours before changing the basin. After changing, the soil is compacted to water the plant to keep the soil moist.

Pelvic problem

After many friends change the basin, the fragrant wood will fall off. This is a normal phenomenon. Do n’t worry too much. It may be because the original soil was loose when changing the pot, and the soil was loose. Or because the water is not watering in time after changing the pot, soil is not poured through. It may also be because the ventilation is too much or the wind causes water loss. Note that these points should not be easy to change the pots of fragrant wood.

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