Frequency breeding method and precautions

Freach method

Soil choice

Jinzihua is not strict, can resist thin soil, but it is afraid of water, so choose a good drainous loose soil. It is required that the soil is deep, humid, and the soil is best suited to the growth of the Jinzihua.


Jinzihua likes fertile soil, potting with garden soil and 砻砻 as ash, and in entering a small amount of base fertilizer. Jinzhuhua is fertilized every month in the growth season, and the fertilizer can choose a decomposed liquid fertilizer. Every 2 years to 3 years will be diverted in the roots in winter or early spring.


The suitable growth temperature of the Jinzihua is between 15-35 degrees, and the temperature is preferably 18 to 22 degrees. More cold, the northern region can also open the winter, and can be in the back of the water.


The Tape Flower Growth Season should pay attention to watering, and when you re grow in spring, you should gradually increase the watering amount, keep the pot soil moist. When the summer is high in the summer, it can be given more water to keep sufficient moisture and water. Because the souvenir is afraid of water flood, pay attention to the flood season in the rainy season. Pour 1 to 2 permissions per month to meet the growth needs.

Kelong Flower Perspective

Breeding method

The propagation method of the Jinzi flower has breeding reproduction, cutting reproduction, bumper breeding, and it can also be plants.

Tape flowers

There are not many pests of the Jinzihua, occasionally aphids and red spiders are harmful, and they can be killed by Juo.

Trim flower trim

The souvenir is sensitive to spring drought and spring cold, and it is easy to dry, so it should cut the dry branches before spending, and the flower branches are removed in time to promote the growth of the branches. The old branch life is short, and it is necessary to cut up the update from the base.

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