Frequent variety of beauty cherry

Erect type

Novalis series, plant height 20 ~ 25 cm, early flower, flower branches intensive, large white “eyes”, long, heat resistant, which is the most famous with flowers blue.

Horizontal exhibition type

There is a quartz series, stems and leaves, high seedlings, anti-disease, color, color, rose red, white, etc.

The legendary series, the plant is 20 ~ 25 cm, early flower species, dwarf, color color, deep rose red, bright red, purple, powder, with eyes.

Temari series, large flower, wide leaf, branched, compact flowers, cold resistance.

Obsession Formula series, is the earliest variety in the beautiful cherry, the base is strong, anti-disease, long period, and seven colors.

Tapien series, all of which are disease-resistant and cold-resistant varieties.

The varieties of common cultivation of beauty cherry have the following:

The fine leaves beauty, the original Brazil, is very suitable for the lance of the lawn. Flowering from May to October, the leaves of the leaves are evergreen, suitable for the green grass, and can also be planted.

Canadian beauty, for many years, its dwarf variants have been cultivated, and there is a sauce, red, purple, white, etc., the southwest of the United States.

Red leaf beauty, perennial, upright, spectacular purple, white and blue variants, seeded, original Brazil, Argentina and other places.

Deep clenish cherry, in which the drumblestar’s unconventional, the imagingation of the blue purple flowers (Imagination) has better ornamental.

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