Frequent variety of stone bamboo

American stone bamboo

It is also called the stone bamboo, the colorful stone bamboo, the flowering period spring season, the original European, Asia, and the United States have been widely cultivated.


It is also called the flower stone bamboo, the plants are short, and the color changes are rich, with heavy flap varieties.


The plant is short, the stem is growing, and it is suitable for plants.Originally, Japan also has a distribution.

Changxia Shizhu

Plants, stems, leaves, other stone bamboo, fragrance, original Austria.


It is also called a beautiful grass, which is the hybrid variety of China’s stone bamboo and the US stone bamboo. The shape is also between the two.The flower petals is always available on white edge, mostly a complex petal, and the back is all silver white.

Three-inch stone bamboo

In fact, there is no special thing in three inch stone bamboo, the plant is short, about 10 cm, and about 3 cm of the flower.

5-inch stone bamboo

The strain is about 20 cm, and the flower is 4 cm.

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