Frequent variety of windbells

Purplebell grass

This is a common variety, distributed in Northeast China, North China, Northwest, Southwest, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, Henan Province, Hubei Province, Sichuan Province and other provinces.Whole strains can be used in medicine, flowers, sagging, calamation white, purple spots, random winds have lavender, cylindrical bell shape.

Polyhua windy grass

Also called lanterns, flowers, corolla, blue purple or blue, tubular bell, and the end of the flowers.It also has a good medicinal value.

American windbell

It is originally produced in the north American Wet forest land, the plant type is higher, blue to white, swinging with wind, and born in the mountains.

Pastoral grass

Two-year herbaceous plant, this is a edible windbell grass, and the roots and leaves can make salad, flowers for white or purple.Although it can be consumed, there is little growing in China.

Gray rock

Mainly distributed in the northwest of Yunnan, China and Southwest Sichuan.The roots are carrot, stems, and the difference is that the Ye Tour is deeper.The flower is in 8 to October.

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