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The growth rate of the flowers is not slow?

With regard to the growth of the flowers, many people feel that they look at it every day, growing too slow, management and complex. Although the strange shape is loved by many people, it is because of this misleading, many people have no people to ask.

Spoquid flowers are generally sowing in 3-4 months, and about 6-15 days after sowing. At 3 months, small plants can reach mung beans. By late October, increased light illumination and illumination time, the plant can reach 12 mm. Every year, stone flowers will be mounted, and they will live in new plants.

How to break the sleep of flowers?

We have found that the decision factor caused by the restrictions of flowers is temperature, followed by light. To break the sleep, you must start from this regard. Practice shows that as long as the temperature of 15-28 degrees from the end of the Spring Festival, the annual seedling plant is less nitrogen fertilizer, diligent thin phosphorus, shading 70%, and the lighting time is shortened to 5-7 hours a day, and 8 -10 degrees of day and night temperature difference, and flowers are growing throughout the year.

Usually, the temperature in the family is maintained at 15-28 ° C for a year, and the flowers are growing all year round.

How to speed up the growth rate of flowers?

Under the conditions capable of temperature control, the northern region has heating in the northern area or closed the balcony, the flowers are blooming before the Spring Festival. At this point, it should be appropriately fertilized, and the amount of water is slightly waters, do not cover it, because the sun is disconnected by the ultraviolet rays when the sun passes through the glass. The cultivation matrix is ​​loosen every half a month, do not hurt the root, insist on the beginning of April, the new leaves will be the size of the old leaves.

What kind of soil chooses potted planting stone flower?

Flower flowers are the same as other baccatos, and are currently cultivated by soil. Overall, two points: loose breathable, rich in organic matter. You can choose to have a mortar orchid, plus 1/3 of the pearl rock or vermiculite cultivation matrix, and add a small amount of calcium phosphate. Although it is not a special soil, it is quite practical.

When planting flowers, the padded basin sheet 3-4 cm thick, add 2 cm of brick particles, put some rotted sheep dung or oil cake, then put into the mixed cultivation soil is 1 cm from the basin, slightly compaction Under the jack and the like, carefully put the roots of the floral seedlings, and the individual plants are slightly shake from the surrounding squeezing to the root bond.

What fertilizer?

After a lot of faders practice, the fundamental fertilizer of flowers is best in rusted sheep. But the sheep fat is rare, or it is actually practiced. It can be used to select a decomposed potassium fertilizer, mix a small amount of phosphorus and calcium, supplement the trace element and nitrogen fertilizer, which can effectively promote the growth of the plant roots, the plant roots are growing, the leaves are full, the number of splits is increased, flowering and knot Seed is easy.

It is also possible to select the leaves of the leaves, and the commonly used view leaf flower nutrient solution can be used. When the new leaf blooms the old leaves, the urea, 6-8 capsules, 3-4 grains of the strain, and promote the new leaves. However, it is necessary to prevent the stream of water from being rotated in the plant. Fertilization and watering are carried out simultaneously, try to do thin fat, never worry, so as not to cause fat.

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