From the beginning of June summer, what plants entering the flowering period


Bai Lan usually blooms twice in a year, once in winter, and once in summer. In June, the weather gradually became hot, and at this time, Bai Lan would slowly bloom.


The rose is also called Yueyuehong. In fact, it can be said to be a plant with flowers all year round. In May and June, the flowers bloomed very strong.


Jasmine is white and the aroma is filled. Most of the jasmine flowers are concentrated in 6 nutrients -in October, entering June, it is when its flowers bloom very strongly. However, some will bloom early or postponed.

Hundred -day grass

Hundred days of grass is a simple flower, which blooms in June and can bloom for a hundred days. Variable colors make it more attractive and suitable for gardening.

Dayan Tong

Dayan Tong, beautiful potted flowers, will have different flowering periods according to different sowing time, but in June, it is mainly maintained by maintenance, and you can see the flowers of the big rock tung.


The Fulu test seems to be short, but it is very strong when blooming. Usually, there are several small flowers. The flowering period of the Fulu Kao is from May to October and June. It can be seen that its lush flowers can be seen. It is really surprising.

Snake -eyed chrysanthemum

Snake -eyed chrysanthemums are chrysanthemums. The flowering period is from June -August, and the snake -eyed chrysanthemum began to perform flowers during June. In general, if the cluster is planted, the effect of viewing will be very good.

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