Full starring breeding method and precautions

Soil loose

Full starring breeding is not high, generally in a well-baffled microbial soil or gravel soil.

Water to control

The growth of the stars is much more demanding for moisture. After picking up the heart, it still needs timely supplementation of water and fertilizer, and the professional is only sufficient, and the plants will transfer from the nutrition to reproductive growth. It has always been a small flower to ensure that the water supply is sufficient. After the petals are long, the water should be slightly reduced, and the quality of the plot and the amount of water can be reduced, and it can make the flowering flowers.

Especially in the high temperature and more humid season, moisture control is appropriate, which is the key to determining the success of Stars cultivation.

Temperature can’t be too high

It is best to grow at 25 ° C over 25 ° C. If more than 30 ° C, it is easy to cause detaine. Night temperature is best 10-15 ° C, if it is less than 10 ° C for a long time, plus autumn and winter, it is easy to cause plants to sleep or cluster.

Fertilization regularly

Full of Stars, but avoid water, it is necessary to topish regularly after planting, the main period is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, and phosphorus is gradually increased. Of course, fertilization should be adapted to the watering, and it is easy to cause planting. When the plants grow to 30 cm, it is necessary to control watering, especially the prudential period is more careful, and it will do some.


Winter felt warm: Full star flower is a plant like sunshine, if we are in winter, I need to give a sunny sunshine, we must not only keep the stars and the necessary light, in the night, you must pass lighting through lighting The way to give a starry fill light, only this can spend a period in advance. There is also a low temperature in winter, we have to pay attention to keep warm. Otherwise, in low temperature, you will sleep without spending.

Summer summer heat cooling: Although the stars like sunshine, you can make too strong sunlight and too high temperatures are not suitable for the growth of Stars, so too too strong in the sunshine, we have to take full day The stamped strain is placed in the sun. It is not so strong, and sometimes pays attention to the water to maintain sufficient moisture.

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