Gamquat planting method and management

Soil requirements

Potted kumamon likes to looson fertile acid soil, if the potted golden tangerine soil is found, it should be immediately changed, and the irrevelation of soil is easily caused by rotten. When soiling, the soil can be used in 4 ruts, 5 sand, and 1 pie fertilizer.

Watering method

Kumquat is wet, but it is taboo water, and the water is waters. It is easy to cause the root of rot. When housing maintenance, the watering time should be determined according to the housing environment. When drying in spring, water should be spray in the leaves once a day, increase the air humidity. Solve 2-3 times a day in the summer, and water in the ground. Watering should avoid the results of the flow of flowers to the flow of flowers.

Illumination requirements

Kumquat is full of sunlight, and it is necessary to place a sunshine place when maintenance. If the light is insufficient, it is easy to cause the plant. When the temperature is high in summer, the kumquat should be placed in the place where you are shade. In winter, indoor temperature is suitable for non-ice. If the room temperature is too high, the plants are not sufficiently sleep, the second year is growing, and the falling fruit is easy to fall.

Temperature requirements

Kumquat is a warm and refreshing environment. When the temperature in autumn is lower than ten degrees, it should also be transferred into the room, and it is best to ensure that the growth temperature is 6-12 degrees in winter. When the temperature is too low, it is easy to suffer from frozen damage, and the plants are highly affected, which is not conducive to the results of the coming year.

Fertilization method

The potted kumquat requires water and fertilizer management, and the branches are allowed to give a quick-active phosphate fertilizer, such as calcium phosphate, anti-proof leave, promote flower bud differentiation and flowering results.

Trimming requirements

Trimming is an important technical measure to make the bloody flowers. In order to make the tree shape, more results, before the spring bud germination, shear part of the branches, the robustness stays 2 ~ 3 buds, each strain of 3 branches of the 1-year branches, which is beneficial to the germination of the spring tip, to be new buds When you get 15 ~ 20 cm, your branches are full.

Pest control

King’s branches are often killed by chromatchilla, red spiders, cars larvae, etc., of which the crust hazard is more common, and the period is from 4 to May, can spray acetaminophosphorus 1000 times liquid medicament; also use small brush to brush .

Potted gold orange branches, four seasons often green, flowering, the white flowers are very soft, the fruit is ripe, Huang He is yellow, whether it is guanye, watching, the results, the results have certain ornamental value, in home It is also very common, and the cultured method of Kumquat will introduce you to it, I hope to help everyone.

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