Gardenia yellow leaves, succulent black rot, rotten roots of rich trees … 1 trick!

Gardenia leaves yellow

Pot soil partial alkali

Gardenias like acidic soil, and gardenia yellow leaves in the north are likely to be pelvic soil.

(Author: 945424786 Source: Baidu Know) Solution: Method 1: Cut off the yellow leaves, use the diluted iron sulfate iron irrigation root, the diluted ratio of iron sulfate is 1: 2000 ~ 5000. Method 2: If there is no iron sulfate at home, you can drip 1 ~ 2 drops of vinegar at the next time you water it.

Excessive watering

In the summer, the amount of evaporation is large, and the amount of water requires a large amount of water. Many flower friends are often prone to watering less.

Watering frequency: 1 or 2 times a day. Watering time: 4 pm every day

Excessive watering

Gardenia flower likes moist, so many flower buddies go to water it if they are okay. If you accidentally pour more, the gardenia yellow leaves …

Solution 1: 1. Stop watering, put gardenia flowers in a good ventilated place, and speed up the evaporation of water. 2. Loose the pot soil on the surface of the gardenia, which can also speed up the evaporation of water. Solution 2: 1. If too much watering has caused rotten roots, you need to remove the gardenia flowers first. 2. Gently shoot the soil on the root system, and then rinse the root system with water. 3. Use sharp scissors to remove the root rot, then apply multi -bacterial spirit in the wound, and put it in a shade. 4. Prepare nutritional soil, re -the pot ~

Rose yellow leaf

Pests and insect pests lead to yellow leaves

The pests and pests in rose have always been a big deal in the hearts of many flower friends! Every year, when you reach the summer, you have to wait strictly, lest something wrong!

Solution: 1. Once the rose leaves are yellow, check the leaves carefully, cut off all the yellowing of the yellow, and burn it. 2. Then use disinfection agents such as bacteria to spray all the leaves and stems carefully. 3. If it is a pest, spray it with a special pesticide, such as the commonly used flower protection gods, gold full branches, and blessing, and Da Mito Spirit.

Excessive watering

Watering must be more in the summer of the rose, otherwise it is easy to change and yellow leaves due to lack of water, because the amount of evaporation in summer is too big!

Watering frequency: dew, 1 or 2 times a day. I can water in indoor farming, once every 2 to 3 days: Morning or at night, be sure to avoid noon!

Excessive watering

There are many problems in the potted rose. Now in summer, the rose evaporation is relatively large, so the watering should be appropriately increased. Some flower friends cannot grasp the weight, causing stagnant water, resulting in yellow rose leaves.

Solution: 1. Use a shovel to shovel the soil on the surface of the rose to the ground to speed up the evaporation of water. 2. Put the rose in a cool and ventilated place to speed up the evaporation of water. 3. After watering, you must follow the method of not drying or pouring.


Lack of light and lead to long

Mint is actually a very good plant, but if it lacks light, it is easy to grow, that is, the stem edge between the upper and lower leaves is long, which affects the ornamental.

Solution: 1. Cut off the long part. 2. Put the mint in the place where you can expose to the sun, such as the south window sill, South Bowl and other places.

Pay attention to topics

After the mint seedlings grow to 4 ~ 5 pairs of true leaves, you can get topped and remove the top of the top of the top!

Clivia fertilizer

Be cautious in summer fertilization

When the summer temperature reaches 25 degrees and above 25 degrees, it is necessary to stop fertilizing ~ If the air conditioner is turned on in the room, the temperature reaches less than 25 degrees, you can apply a very light liquid fertilizer once in 15-20 days. You can choose bean cake water for fertilizer.

Fertilization in spring and autumn

Spring and autumn is a strong period of growth of Clivia, so fertilization must be sufficient.

1. When changing the pot, the fried sunflower seeds, twisters, Suzi, ramis, charcoal, bone meal, etc. are used as the bottom fertilizer. 2. Apply a light cake fertilizer with nitrogen fertilizer every 10 days or so. You can choose liquid fertilizer made of oil -containing crops such as bean cake, hemp seeds, soybeans, and hemp seeds.

Rich bamboo does not take root

The temperature is not enough to cause rich bamboo to take root

The wealthy bamboo I bought has never taken root? That must be a problem with the temperature. Keeping the temperature is about 20 ° C, and basically it can take root in about 1 week.

Not enough water to change water

The current temperature is relatively high, and some areas have even reached 30 ° C. At this temperature, it takes 1 day to change the water ~ Otherwise, it is easy to stink.

Add a little root powder

You can add a little rooting agent to the hydroponic bottle.

Green Luo cuttings do not take root

Too much soil insertion bacteria

When many flower buddies insert green, the leaves of leaves will appear yellow and rotten. In the final analysis, there is no completely disinfection, which will cause cuttings to fail. Solution: 1. Soak the green stalks that have been cut off in the multi -bacterial solution for about half an hour, and then take out the overcast, about 1 or 2 days. 2. Apply some root powder on the green wound. 3. Put the soil you want to use in the sun for 1 to 2 days. If you have conditions, you can put the soil in a pan that is not used to cook it to better sterilize.

The water insert temperature is not enough

Many flower buddies have not taken root in the green dill. There are two reasons. One is that the temperature is not enough, so the root is slow, and the other is bacterial infection that will rot directly. Solution: 1. Put the cut green dill wounds in a thorough solution for about half an hour, and then take out the shade. 2. Prepare clean water and insert the dry green branches that are already dry. Do not be full of water, about one third of the water is enough. 3. Summer temperature is relatively high, usually changing water once every 1 to 2 days! Succulent

The temperature is too high at noon, causing the black rot and fleshy and black rot. In fact, there are two reasons. One is that it does not ventilate, but the soil is not breathable.

Soil opaque solution:

1. Put the fleshy meat and wash the roots with water. 2. Cut off the fleshy places that are already black and rotten, and do not stay at all. 3. Soak the wound with disinfectants such as bacteria, and then put it in a shade in a cool place. 4. Replace it with a new pot soil. In the new pot soil, the proportion of particles such as vermiculite should be 50%, and then the succulent pot can be taken to take root in about 1 week.

No ventilation solution:

Put the fleshy places with good ventilation, such as the window sill!

Fortune tree rotten roots

Excessive watering

The rotten roots of the fortune trees are watered more.


1. Take out the fortune tree from the flower pot and clean up the soil of the root. 2. Cut off the rotten part. If the rot is too serious, cut off the rotten stems. 3. There are rotten parts of the stems, and they must be cleaned. 4. Put the treated rhizomes into potassium permanganate solution for about half an hour or disinfect. 5. Then dry it in a cool and ventilated place and re -plant it. What else do flower friends want to know? You can tell Huahua in the message ~

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