Garlic flower

White flower and garlic

The most similar flowers to safflower is white flowers and garlic. In fact, its entire flower type is very similar to white flowers. In addition to the different colors, it is difficult to find out what is the difference between them.

The morals of white flowers and saffron and garlic are still more similar, but the two have different beauty.


Suddenly laughing is also called yellow flower and garlic, which is also very similar to safflower stone garlic. The pattern is very similar. To say that there are differences between them, basically the color is different.

Suddenly, there was no strange legend, but it blossomed beautifully and the ornamental was very high.


Sometimes Manjushri looks a bit like white flowers and garlic. Most people are easier to admit their mistakes at first glance.

Manjushri is similar to white flowers and garlic. The biggest difference is petals and filaments. The petals of Manjushri are relatively flat, while the white flower and garlic are wrinkled. The filaments of Manjushri are a little red, while the white flower is mainly white. The biggest difference is that when Manjushri blooms, there will be leaves, and white flower and garlic are not available, and only flowers can be seen.


Deer onion is also called purple -flowering stone garlic. It is very different from saffron garlic. The petals of the deer onion are shorter, and the flowers are relatively short. The color of the deer onion is a bit gradient.

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