Gladiolus’ breeding method and precautions

Pelvic soil

Planting gladiolus should choose a sand soil, soil layer is deep, good drainage, and it is not easy to strengthen.

The pot is best selective in a plastic ceiling or plastic basin, and there is a hole under the bottom. It is best to use the shallow basin to plant, the pot is high and diameter. Don’t buy a basin casually, it is not good.


The small seedlings of the gladiolus should be placed every 10 days to ensure that the pot is moist, so as not to get yellow. The moisture must be supplemented in time after flowering. In summer, the water is hot, the water evaporation is faster, and it can be placed once every 4 days. It is appropriately controlled after flowering.

Watering water should be strictly controlled. Water is easy to cause the root rot, and the water is shortage will cause the stalks, and the water is not properly affecting the beautiful.


Gladiolus is a fertilizer flower, and it is necessary to topose in time after planting. Generally, 3 to 4 decomposed liquid fertilizers per month, pay attention to the content of nitrogen fertilizer, increase phosphorus potassium fertilizer to increase the differentiation rate of flower buds.

After flowering, calcium phosphate can be selected as topdressing and promote the growth of the bulb.

In addition, the seedlings that have just been planted should pay attention to three fertilization: the first two leaves are long, the second four leaves are long, and the third time is in the flower. Take the ball in time, dry, and store it in time.


Gunqipu usually can flow in three months, but the temperature is affected by temperature during the growth. The higher the temperature during growth, the faster growth, of course, to be controlled within a certain range. For example, the temperature is 12 ° C, flowering takes 110 ~ 120 days, temperature at 15 ° C, only 90 ~ 100 days, 20 ° C, take 70 ~ 80 days, when the temperature is up to 25 ° C, only 60 ~ 70 days.


Gladiolus likes sunshine, and 14 hours a day, the flower bud differentiation will be better. After the dividing decimalization, appropriate reduction of illumination time can promote the growth of flower buds and flowers early.


The most suitable temperature of Gladiolus grows cannot exceed 27 ° C, especially in the summer, when the temperature is too high, it is timely ventilation, cooling, and prevents the temperature over high lead to the growth of the plant.

Gladiolus is a ball root plant. After speaking, it is necessary to protect the breeding, and cannot be delayed. When the blade begins to yellow, the ball is digging and stored.

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