Gold Wannian Fine Waterfare Method

Golden Wanxia is a natural variety of thin snow, and the golden cultured method is also relatively easy. It doesn’t have much challenge for novices. I hope to help the conservation process of fungus.

Watering method

In the growth period of gold, we must keep the pelvic moist, avoid water, or long-term rain, these are in order to avoid plant rot. Therefore, watering water can be watering in accordance with the watering principle of “not pouring, pouring through”. When the temperature is less than 5 degrees or above 30 degrees, pay attention to the water to prevent the potted by the potted by water. In winter, it can be placed in full light, control watering, keeping soil without ice.


Golden annual grass is growing rapidly, it is easy to explore. When breeding, pay more attention to the timely throwing of the branches affecting the appearance, and try to cut the pot in time. It is necessary to make a pound basin when grown over. Its meat stem is more crisp, it is easy to break, should be careful when changing the pot, do not break longer branches, or will affect the ornamental effect. However, when attending the phenomenon of naked stems of the blade at the bottom, it can be shorter, and then the branch is reproduced, and the cut stem can be re-propagated.

Light demand

Gold Wan Years like a sunshine growth environment, the growth season should receive sunshine, and the sun leaves will become golden yellow. The growth period should be placed in the sun’s sunshine, and it is not necessary to shade in the summer high temperature season. Under the full light, the plants of gold millions will be more compact and beautiful. Although it can grow in the half-yin, the plant is loose and affecting viewing. The most important thing is that the lack of light, the sun is less than a long, and the distance between the leaves and the leaves is long. It seems to be very difficult, and the plants grow eager, and it is easy to cause black rot. Rotten, the whole army is covered.

Four seasons maintenance points

Golden Wan Years grow rapidly in the cool season, the flowering period is in the early summer, and after the flowering period, it will slowly enter the sleep period, and the water will be as small as possible. In the summer, I can’t be completely sealed. I don’t give it a few months. I can’t help it, I can’t help but give some water. A small summer will be serious, and a single-headed 1 cm is small. The blades will be sluggish, but this is still easy to support the summer, and the whole summer is spent at a ventilated scattering light.

After the summer, I entered the fall, growing rapidly, and breeding it quickly. Water drying is pouring, the humidity is great to grow rapidly, and the variety of gold in gold is not easier enough. Less water will increase the light. Winter temperature is 3 degrees without watering, keeping the pot soil dry, indoor winter. The indoor blades below 4 degrees will be frozen. The friend should pay attention to the drying of the indoor basin or more of the indoor basin or more under zero. The frostic state is jelly, and it will become yellow and dry.

Entering early spring, the temperature will start picking up, they will slowly wake up, the winter of winter can’t say sleep, just to protect them, it is broken, in fact, the winter friend pays attention to keep the temperature, the golden snow is not Stop growing. Spring and Autumn 2 season, suitable sunshine enough. No matter how to raise, in addition to the summer, other seasons are very norful.


Soil loose, good drainage

Gold Wanxia’s soil is not high, sandy soil or general cultivation can be, which is more poor, of course, it is also possible, usually watering water, try to dry, do not strengthen water, soil slightly moisture It will be faster, but it is necessary to pay attention to the length. But say that this is said that the newcomers don’t know how they don’t work, but it is always a bit. You know, the soil is not selected, the golden will die very quickly.

Don’t blow cold blow

Golden Wan Years like a warm environment, between 5 ~ 30 ° C, can grow well, but the winter is best not to put it on the window, and the closed window is also a wind, you accidentally, open it. Window, gold can be blind!

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