Golden bell flower breeding method

Transplant or turning the soil

There are two ways to reproduce the golden bell, cuttings and seed reproduction, but they should pay attention to their transplantation after cuttings or sowing. Before breeding, choose small pots and transplant them into suitable flower pots according to the growth of plants. This can make the golden bell flowers grow well. At the same time, the soil of the flowerpot should be fluffy in the spring or autumn to make the soil fluffy. While turning the soil, you can choose organic fertilizer to add it and stir together.


Because the growth rate of the golden bell flowers is fast and the flowers bloom frequently, there is a need for sufficient fertilizer in the growth period. About three fertilizers are required every month. But in the hot summer, you don’t need to fertilize. Before fertilizing, you must observe whether the soil is more loose, and you must fertilize when the soil is dry. After fertilizing, sprinkle with the water stems and leaves after fertilization. Avoid the golden bells’ stems and leaves infected with fertilizer, causing it to rot to death.


Golden bell flowers are suitable for growing between 10-28 degrees. If in the hot summer, you should make a timely preparation for its cooling, and the temperature cannot exceed 28 degrees. In the autumn and winter seasons, if the temperature is lower than 6 degrees, the golden bell flowers will frost. It is best to be placed in a place where there are plenty of sunlight in winter. But whether it is summer or winter, ventilation is necessary.

The indoor potted plants, the golden bell flower and other plants will have unexpected beauty.

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