Golden Sulan’s breeding methods and precautions

Golden Sulan breeding method


Jin Sulan likes a warm and humid environment, and the requirements for soil are suitable for planting in a well -drained humus acidic soil. If potted plants, you can choose rotten soil or peat, perlite, river sand, etc.Essence


Jin Sulan likes a wet environment. Therefore, during the growth of Jin Sulan, you should pay attention to shading. You must not be exposed in the open -air environment in summer. In this case, it is likely to cause the flowers to cause sunburn.


Jin Sulan likes a moist environment, so it must be watered to keep the soil and air moisture.But pay special attention, do not accumulate water.


When the golden Sulan is wintering in winter, the temperature in winter should be controlled above 10 degrees Celsius.


It is recommended to apply liquid fertilizer every to two weeks to ensure the nutrients required by the plants, which is conducive to the growth and flowering of plants.

Precautions for breeding in Jin Su Lan

Pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, but also pay attention to stagnant water.

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