Green Bell Family Aquaculture Method and Precautions

Green Bell Family Aquaculture Method

Requirements for planting soil

Green bell potted soil is often mixed with rot leavesour or peat soil, garden soil and river sand is mixed and add a small amount of base fertilizer as a matrix.

Return the pot once every 2-3 years, re-modulate the cultivating soil.


The growth of the green bell is preferably 15 ° C to 25 ° C, and the wintering temperature is 5 ° C.


The green bell is fleshy root, the water storage tissue is developed, but the water is strong, but the growth rate in the growth period is large, and the water is often watered and sprayed. After the autumn, the water is gradually reduced water, to improve the resistance of the plant ability.


Green bells hazophobed high temperature glare, hateful is half-yin, exposure to burn the beads, the rays are too weak, and the growth is poor.

Breeding method

Cutting, plant, sowing can also be cultivated with small plants on the green bell striking.


The growth of the throne is diluted twice a month. Fertilizer is dominated by nitrogen.


Shallow basin planting

The root of green bell plant is very shallow, and it can be planted in shallow basin. Generally, the bottom hole is used, and a layer of coal residue or coarse sand is paved to increase ventilation and filtration. The soil is preferably used with rot leaves (autumn and winter trees into a certain amount of earth, mix into a certain sand (soil, Sandby is about 1: 3).

High temperature sleeping period pays attention to anti-corrosion

Green bell grows slowly at high temperatures and low temperatures, almost sleep in a high temperature environment, should be water fertilized, otherwise it is easy to rot, if you start rot, you should immediately cut off the rotten, cutting healthy parts, otherwise it is very It will be all rotten. This is also one of the key to cultivation.

Fertilization strategy for spring and autumn growth

The spring and autumn should be “thin fat,” often in the foliage, a nitrogen fertilizer and podium dihydrogen phosphate in the foliage are conducive to the plant more green and green, improve the value of viewing.

Summer watering skills

It is easy to get bad in the summer, watering should not be too frequent, watering with small watering can.

Strengthen ventilation pestainable

The hanging blue is not prone to pests, but if the pot is water and the ventilation, the rotation can cause rotten roots, and it may also take rhizophos, and should pay attention to the prevention and treatment.

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