Green ingot’s breeding method and precautions

First, aquaculture method

Temperature and light

Temperature: It is warm and the growth is preferably 22 to 30 ° C. Slightly cold, can bear short-lived 01 low temperature, but the wintering temperature is maintained at 5 ° C. When the temperature is low, the leaves are yellow and produce fallen leaves. Winter and summer should avoid air conditioning heating or cold air, otherwise the leaves will be yellow or browning.

Light: Half-yin, 5 – September should be shaded or placed in a scattered light. Especially the seedlings are not resistant to strong sun exposure. When the light is too strong, “Green ingots” will disappear in advance; when the high temperature and the sun are strong, the plants should be placed under the large tree under the large tree.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Watering requirements See dry and wet, the basin sheet is dried, and the water is required to be cast, the water quality is preferably rain or drying tap water.

Fertilization: Fertilizers can be once once, the concentration is not too strong, and the need to meet the needs in thin fertilizer, and the rusted organic fertilizer is added to the soil of the soil.

Reproductive way

Seeding breeding, potting plants is the main ornamental object with a huge gay in 1-2 years, and the seedlings must be used. Seed should be with cooked, otherwise it is easy to lose germination.

After the seed germinates, peel off the black seed skin, so that the child leaves the sun and become green. The child is not only the main object of watching, but also manufacturing nutrients for photosynthesis.

Second, the precaution

Yuanbao cleaning

It can spray water in the morning to increase the temperature of the air and the dust of the leaves, so that the ingot will keep green and lustrous, but also reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Yuanbao is witnessed

The long-term round of Yuanbao is also a year. After a year, Yuan Bao will wither the drop, do not have to worry about planting. After Yuan Bao fell, the plants were still live, retained green leaves, and also different scenery.

Pest Control

Green ingots should pay attention to ventilation and effectively prevent pests and diseases. Summer avoid air conditioning blow, avoid heating in winter, or will accelerate the appearance of symptoms such as leaves.

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