Guangyullan’s breeding methods and precautions

Guangyullan breeding method


The sowing method can be sowed after the seeds are collected in autumn, or the seed sand can be hidden until the spring of the second year.


The sowing period is sowing and spring sowing. The fertile and loose sandy soil should be selected as the seedbed ground. At the same time, the grass is extinguished and the insects are extinguished.


Selecting the land is flat as a nursery. The nursery soil is preferably loam, and the soil layer is deeply beneficial to the seedlings to bring out the soil out of the garden.


Select loose and fertile organic soil, and it is not advisable to use soils with large vegetables and stickiness.


Spray water when fertilizing, pay attention to control the amount of water, and should not be too much.


In the growth period, it can apply thin fertilizer to promote the differentiation of flower buds, and the growth period can be applied once every half month.

Precautions for Guangyullan breeding

Guangrulan is divided into potted plants and ground planting. Potted plants should be placed in the greenhouse with ventilation and cut light before the “frost”. It should not be watering too much.

After “Qingming”, you can leave the house and place the potted plant at the back of the sun. You only need to apply 1-2 fertilizer water every week.

In the hot summer, pay attention to cooling the leaves of the leaf surface. You need to pour water once a day and fertilize water twice a week. After the plant grows up, pots can be replaced in 2-3 years.

The plant planting plants should pay attention to the weeding of the soil, and the cold should be cold in winter.

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