He is a gardener who can’t see any color, but has created a garden like Wonderland!

His eyes were completely blind and could not see any color,

But he created a beautiful garden,

It also ushered in gardening enthusiasts to watch.

When Joe was ten years old

He appreciated the beauty of gardening through his father for the first time,

Since then, he has fell in love with gardening in his heart.

Before being completely blind,

Joe is a factory worker,

Live the life of ordinary office workers.

Due to congenital vision defects,

Twenty years ago, his vision was seriously declined,

No way to continue the work of the factory,

When you choose to retire home.

In life, a journey is over,

It also means that another journey starts.

After the eyes are completely blind,

He decided to invest in the flower gardening career,

Complete his childhood wish.

It derived from the love in my heart,

Joe cultivates a lot of beautiful flowers,

His gardening works have also won awards at multiple flower shows.

Although I have never seen my own flower garden,

But he knows it must be very beautiful,

Because everyone who came to visit him told him this way.

Joe said: “I love my garden deeply. Although my eyes are no longer able to work, my touch and smell, so that I can perceive those flowers.”

Although the colors of these flowers cannot be seen,

But he can feel their characteristics.

Is it good to spend?

Whether you want to water and whether to bask in the sun,

Will tell you through branches, leaves, and petals.

“This wonderful contact allows me to communicate with these cute little lives, and I can always engage in my favorite gardening work,” he said.

Joe carefully take care of this flower garden,

Watering flowers and plants, trim trimming,

It is the happiest time of the day.

Joe said, he likes roses the most,

But due to the spikes, he did not grow a lot,

Because I am afraid that they can’t take care of them.

Many tourists who have seen this garden,

I dare not believe that Joe is a blind,

Because this garden is so beautiful!

“I am proud of him, he is always optimistic, and the best thing he likes. This garden is beautiful and surprising.”

There will be a lot of bumps in life,

But we should not be easily knocked down.

Just like Joe,

Looking for beauty in the dark.

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