Hollyhmill’s breeding method and precautions

Hollyhock farming method


Saimi is a sunshine environment, and it is half-yin.

Usually farming should put the hobi in a direct sunlight, accept sunshine irradiation.


Saimi cold-resistant, in the winter, the branches are withered, but the underground homes can be vivid in the open field, and the new buds will be budged in the coming year. In North China, you can safely open the winter.

The yolk growth temperature is 25 ° C to 30 ° C, the flowering period is most suitable for temperature 26 ° C to 28 ° C, the average average temperature is lower than 17 ° C, the flowering is less than 14 ° C.


Usually pay attention to watering, keep the soil moist, but not watering excess, soabin is afraid.

The Holleh should be properly watering in the flower period to extend the flower period and increase the quantity.


The Hollyhock has strong adaptability to the soil, strong soil, and can still grow in a soil containing 0.6% salt.

In the loose fertilizer, the drainage is good, and the growth situation of the organic sandy soil is best.


Before planting the soil, we must deeply turn the soil and add basic fertilizer in the soil.

During the growth period, it was brought to two liquid fertilies mainly with nitrogen and potash. After the formation of the flower bud, it will be applied once to the liquid fertilizer mainly based on phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

Hollyhmourfine precautions

Timely trim

After the hollower is blooming, the part of the ground is cut off, and the sprout can be geduced.

Summer cover half

Due to the strong light, the Saimi should not expose in the sun, so as not to affect the growth of the plant, it should be properly shaded, absorb scattering light.

Control plants height

In order to make the plant dwarf can be used to control the height, that is, 10 cm in front of the plant root during the growth period 10 cm, cut the root system, and then cut two times before and after the cutting of 2-3 weeks.

The more the number of times the rule is, the more short, and it can be suitable for potting.

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