Homemade flower fat smelly?3 moves make the odor go out!

Add something to eliminate the taste

1. rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is weakly acidic, and can neutralize some smells caused by corruption in homemade flower fertilizers, which can eliminate the odor of rotten organic fertilizer to a certain extent.


Put the rice vinegar in the liquid fertilizer according to the proportion of 1:10, and use it for half an hour in the open air.

2, liquor

“The taste of the potted water is strong, and the smell of liquor is extinguished.” This is the old flower farmer, which means that liquor can eliminate the odor in flower fertilizer.


The liquor is mixed in the flower fertilizer at a ratio of 1:50.

3. Chenpi

In the process of 沤 在 在 在, adding Chenpi can effectively prevent the arise. Huahua has tried to add tension to the bean dregs. Not only does it have no odor, but also a bit of orange fragrance.

Of course, in addition to Chenpi, fresh orange peels, orange peels, grapefruit skin, etc. can also be used, the effect is almost the same as that of Chenpi.


Before making flower fertilizer, add chopped tanned peel to the fat container to ferment the Chenpi with flowers.

Use not smelly flower fertilizer

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product that has been rotten and fermented. It can be used as fertilizer for flowers without odor.


After the yogurt is finished, add water to the bottle, let the residual yogurt dissolved in the water, and pour the flowers and plants.

2. Eggshell

Eggshells are rich in calcium and trace elements, which can supplement nutrition for flowers and plants.


(1) Wash the eggshell and let it dry.

(2) Pour rice vinegar in the broken egg shell, you will see the fierce bubbles come out.

(3) Stay for half an hour and wait for the bubbles, you can take the upper layer of clear liquid to pour the flowers. Such flower fertilizers can also adjust the soil acid and alkali to avoid the potting of the pot soil.

(4) The remaining egg shells can be crushed and sprinkled on the surface of the pot soil to prevent worms such as snails, ants, but also slowly release nutrition.

3. Tao rice water

When a small amount of rice water is used, it can not be rotten, and there is no odor.


After the water of rice, it can be used directly to pour flowers. Pay attention to the amount of dosage at a time.

4. Fish tank water

The fish tank water contains the excrement of fish, which is natural organic liquid fertilizer, and the fertilizer is weak and does not burn seedlings.


The water that is replaced by the fish can be poured directly.

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