House of family breeding methods and precautions

Family breeding method of glass temple

Water fertilizer management in the glass temple

The growth period of the glass temple is the spring and autumn season.The growth period keeps the pot soil slightly, avoid drying while drying.

The glass temple needs to be fertilized once a month, and the meat special fertilizer is selected.

Light control of the glass temple

The glass temple is happy, but to avoid direct light.Plants can be placed in light, and it is properly covered.

Reproductive way of glass temple

The breeding method of the glass temple has two types and cuttings.

Precautions for the family farming in the glass temple

The glass temple is very light, cold-resistant cold-resistant is half-yin, avoiding the potential water and strong light direct, home breeding, need to pay attention to the control of watering, pay attention to the treatment of ventilation and strong light directness.

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