How about slag coal?

Benefits of Ceramative Facilities

Coldings can cultivate succulents and have many benefits.

Colds are breathable and permeable, and the effect is good, which meets the requirements of succulent permeability.

Ceramment is rich in trace elements, such as iron, calcium, etc., which can meet the needs of succulent growth.

The cost of cornography is very low, and there is basically no cost. If a large amount of succulent is to be cultivated, it is more suitable.

In addition, the cornography itself has been burned at high temperature and has no bacteria residues, which can reduce the occurrence of pests and insect pests.

Disadvantages of Ceramous Facilities and succulent

In fact, it cannot be said that it is all benefits, and it has many disadvantages.

First of all, after burning, some chemicals will produce some chemicals, such as sulfur, which will make it alkaline and need to be soaked with water and then use it.

Secondly, if the cornography is not fully burned, some black particles will be produced. These particles are best not to use.

In addition, when breeding and succulent with cumbers, pay attention to the screening, otherwise it will contain a lot of dust, which will cause the soil to be imbalance and rotten roots.

It is best to screen the cornography and select the appropriate size of them.

But in general, it is still very good to cultivate succulent with cumbers.

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