How can I raise it if I can’t die

Can’t die of the scientific name

We put the problem of scientific name at the forefront, and we ca n’t die. The flowers are named Big Flower Flower, Golden Rhododendron, and the most commonly used by flower budgets are the sun flowers, half of the lotus, and of course there are other methods such as Song Ye Peony, Dragon Beard Peony, Wasan Fallane, Noon Flower, etc.

How can I raise it if I can’t die

You can’t die very well, and it is very easy to bloom. As long as you insert it into the soil with branches, you can survive. As long as you give sufficient light for daily maintenance, you can grow very lush. It is necessary to remember that one is not to be wet all day in the pot. Even if the sun flowers are successfully grown, there is a key point is light. Only sufficient light can grow well.

Some flower friends said, why is this experience so simple, no need to talk about the soil, how to water it? That’s right, the flowering planting is so simple, whether it is nutritional soil, or the soil. I don’t need to pay attention to it, as long as there is no potted water, it is enough, as long as it is raised, it knows that it is so simple.

Can I keep it in water?

There is a saying: “Theoretically all flowers can be hydroponic, but the actual situation is that in the long run, it is not suitable for water care, because hydrophobic and nutrients are insufficient, and sufficient light cannot be given. If hydroponics The utensils are placed under the sun, and it is full of water moss in a few days. It doesn’t look good, but if you want to take root, it can be kept water!

Can I eat it if I can’t die?

I haven’t seen any flower buddies who can’t eat the flowers at present, but the wild horse toothy can be eaten.

Can’t die

If the color of the flowers is divided, there are currently many colors, white, red, purple and other colorful colors, and there are also double and single petals.

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