How can it be so difficult to raise flowers, do these points well, what can novices be raised and live?

Suitable for soil ratio for most flowers

Do you just dig the soil outside and plant it? This is actually wrong. The garden soil dug back from the outside is not only unwavering, but also it is likely to include various bacteria and insect eggs, which are buried in the future!

If you must use the garden soil, it is best to spread the garden soil on the ground before using it. And before use, be sure to mix with the large particles of river sand. The ratio can be 2: 1, or 1: 1 to improve the breathability of the soil. Of course, Huahua still recommends that everyone configures nutrients by themselves, because the survival rate of flowers will be guaranteed, especially for some killer. The configuration ratio is, rotten leaf soil (or peat soil): Garden soil: river sand: bone powder = 7: 6: 1.

Water should be cautious!

After the soil is finished, what should be said below is watering. In fact, the principle of watering has also been said many times. If you do n’t do it, you do n’t pour it, and you can pour it through, which means that after 2 ~ 3cm of the soil surface is dry, you can pour it through, that is, the water flows out of the small hole below. Essence How to judge? One: You can use a toothpick, or insert a cotton swab to insert 2 ~ 3cm in the soil. Wait quietly for about 10 minutes, and then take it out to see if it is dry. If it is dry, it means that it should be watered. If it is humid, Then wait a few days to water. Two: If you feel that the toothpick method is more troublesome, you can move the flower pot. If it becomes obvious, it means that the watering should be.

Light should be appropriate

In addition to soil and watering, light is also more important ~ But different plants have different requirements for light, but it is certain that the sun is afraid of sun exposure. Therefore, at noon in summer, it is best to give your family’s flowers and plants. At other times, placed in a sunny place, there are generally no problems ~ There are several cases that can not be directly shot in the sun ~

1. Flowers and plants that have just been changed to pots, pots, and pots should be placed in the scattered light for 1 to 3 days. 2. When rooting the roots, the ball is wrapped up ~ Only in a dark environment in a dark environment Be able to take root quickly!

Flower pots can also affect the life and death of flowers and plants!

In addition to light, moisture, and soil, flower pots can also affect the growth of flowers and plants. At present, everyone generally uses plastic flower pots, because it is cheap and brisk.

The material of the plastic flower pot is lightweight, durable, easy to use, and the wall of the pot is smooth, so it is easy to change the pot, and it is more convenient to wash and disinfection. The only disadvantage is that it is not breathable, but for this point, the plastic flower pot has also improved. A lot of small holes are opened at the bottom, and the breathability is also increased. Relatively, it is relatively heavy. If the flowers in the home are not moving often, you can choose ~ In addition, there is also a porcelain pot and glaze basin. This kind of flower pot is not breathable and does not seep. Put the porcelain basin and glaze pot outside the flower pot as a decoration ~

Don’t ignore the temperature!

Temperature is also the top priority of breeding flowers. Generally, the suitable growth temperature of flowers and plants is about 20 ~ 25 degrees Celsius. In the summer temperature exceeding 30 degrees, cooling measures must be taken, otherwise flowers and plants may sleep, and they will even die seriously ~ For example, everyone knows fleshy! Have you remembered these points? If you don’t remember, remember to remember it with your heart ~

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