How can Zizhu overwinter

specific measure


Potted purple bamboo is best to get into the room for winter. However, in order to allow plants to slowly adapt to the increase in temperature, when the plant has just moved into the room, it can be regularly ventilated to avoid unnecessary damage due to sudden rise in temperature. For ground -planting purple bamboo, the roots of the plant can be buried deep or covered with plastic film.


The temperature in winter is low, and the amount of evaporation is small, so it can reduce the number of watering, not pouring or even watering, so as not to let the soil in the flower pot be dry. However, the interior can be properly sprayed around to increase the humidity.


The consumption of nutrients in winter is small. Some potassium fertilizers can be appropriately applied to increase their cold resistance. But pay attention, do not use too much.


In winter, the indoor doors and windows are generally closed, the air does not circulate, which is extremely bad for plants. Therefore, open the doors and windows once or twice a day, about half an hour each time. If the temperature is too low, you can drive once a day, and the time will be reduced accordingly. However, it is inappropriate to open.


When it comes to the growth habits of Zizhu, we said that it is a happy plant. Therefore, winter light is its necessity. Generally, the plants receive light when the sun is bright, but pay attention to the light.


Zizhu is suitable for growing in places with sufficient light and warmer, generally fifteen degrees to twenty degrees, not too cold. In winter, growers in very cold areas in the north must help them spend winter; and areas where winter temperatures are not too low in the southern region may not need to take special measures.

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