How does Jiuli Xiang overwinter

Winter way


Jiulixiang can still adapt to some dry environments, and it should not be excessive watering. In winter, the amount of evaporation is relatively small, and it should not be poured too much. Ensure that the soil is not excessive. Generally speaking, after the end of autumn, plants will slowly delay development and stop completely, so the demand for water is also slowly decreasing. As a result, the water volume is not in the pot, causing the plant’s root system to rot. When the leaves are covered with dust, they can be washed with water to maintain its brightness.


Needless to say, as long as you think about the sufficient sunlight of its origin, you can understand that its demand for sunlight is relatively large. Winter temperature is low, and light can ensure that it receives more heat, so it is indispensable. Frequently put it in a sunny place. But don’t be placed under the sun, it doesn’t like direct shooting.


Jiulixiang does not have any special requirements for the soil. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for it for other plants to grow. As for fertilizer, there is no need for it in winter. If you want to apply, use a small amount of organic fertilizer.


At the end of autumn, when the plants are about to enter the winter period, they can cut more dense branches and long branches.


From its origin, it can be concluded that this plant is suitable for growing in areas with high temperatures, which are specifically 20 to 32 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is as low as five degrees in winter, it is necessary to move it into the room. Do not do it when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, or leave it outdoors, otherwise it is likely to cause plant death.

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