How does Ling Xiaohua overwinter


Now that it is the winter, the temperature is the first issue to consider. Its favorite temperature is between ten and 28 degrees Celsius. When the winter temperature is below five degrees, you should attract your attention. It is necessary to implement a decisive method to help it overwinter. Especially where the temperature in the north is under zero, it must be placed in the house.


This plant is more wet, and sufficient water is a good way to promote its development and flowering. Winter is cold, it is different. In fact, there are very little amount of real amounts. When you see the potting of the pot soil, you must not water it too much, and you should not let the plants soak in the water. In addition, water does not need to be sprayed in winter to damp.


Although Ling Xiaohua is happy, it is for a period of vigorous growth. In principle, fertilizer does not need to be applied in winter. If friends feel that nutrients are not enough, they can apply a small amount of nutrients with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But do not get fertilizer on the leaves or flowers to avoid rotting them.


It can be said that Ling Xiaohua and the sun are good friends and love light. If it is placed in a cool place, of course, it will not have much impact, but the flowers will be thinner and the color will be dim. This is of course the phenomenon that we don’t want to see, so let it go to the window in winter, and then move to the room after sunset.


It is not necessary to guess the last factor, that is, ventilation. Winter and summer, ventilation is always necessary. If it is placed in a dirty air, I am afraid that there is no more nutrients. Witches regularly every day. If you are worried about it, it will be a little shorter.

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