How does the font grow up quickly?


The soil of Fortune requires corruptive, loose, fertile, breathable, good drainage performance, microacid (pH 5 ~ 5.5). The family is the longest rotten soil, the river, a small amount of pie fertilizer, or the decomposed chicken manure. Of course, when you save trouble, you can purchase it directly to the flower shop.

Bathing method

The growth life of Fortune will not be very long, usually 3 ~ 4 years will bloom, gradually wilting after flowering, and then adding plants. Therefore, it should be used once every 1 to 2 years to ensure sufficient nutrient supply in the soil.

Watering method

The font like a humid environment, and the growth period needs to ensure higher air humidity and sufficient pot moisture. Ensure the moisture of the pot soil, control is more than 70% to 80%.

The usual watering frequency is 5 ~ 7 days, and there are some hard leaves that require less water, keep the basin surface. For the type of soft leaf, it is necessary to keep the pot soil moist, and it is advisable to dry with the soil. It is necessary to keep water in the bladder, water in the blade, and can cause the plant.

After entering the autumn, the head growth slows down and should properly control watering and water. After entering the sleep, it is necessary to control the watering, keep the pottery micro-tide, the potting soil does not dry water, the basin is too wet and easy. The bottom of the blade remains moist, but not too much water, so as not to cause rot.

Fertilization method

The growth season is 10 ~ 20 days of fertilization, and the fermented cake fertilizer is selected. Fertilizers are usually used in nitrogen phosphorus, concentration control at 0.1% to 2.3%. When fertilizing, try not to apply fertilizers in the center of the plant to avoid harm. In the flowering period, the dormancy period and the summer should stop fertilization.

Illumination requirements

The growth of the fortune needs sufficient light, and the daily illumination time is controlled in 12 ~ 16 hours, with high humidity and good ventilation conditions, the growth will be faster. Plants will become very weak, the leaves are wide and the color is bright and beautiful.


The font is very important, and the relative humidity is 50% -75%. More than 80% should be strengthened, otherwise it is prone to disease or a long history. When it is less than 40%, it is easy to cause the leaf tip to wither, and it needs to be spray water moisturizing.

The maintenance of the Fortune is also based on the red, and for the native variety, such as the colorful leaf, it should be multi-light, put it on the window sill, balcony maintenance.

Watering water is also important to Fortune, it likes to grow in acidic soils, requiring water quality, which is weakly acidic, do not like salt, especially calcium salts and sodium salts.

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