How is the bear boy?

Boy boy breeding method: soil

The potte soil is required for medium fertility, and there is a good drainage soil, 1 serving of crude sand or vermiculite, garden soil, and humisure, and is mixed.

Boy boy breeding method: light and temperature

The bear boy is warm and dry, the sun is sufficient, and the high temperature of the water is to be placed in a place with sunshine. The sufficient light can shorten the spacing of the blade, the blade is thick, enhanced, if it is too dark, plants The blade will become weak, and the duty is growing, so that the surface of the fluff is lost. However, when the temperature is above 35 degrees, it should be properly shade to avoid the burning blades of the sun, affecting the view.

Bear boy breeding method: moisture

During the cultivation process, avoid long-term rain, but can be sprayed to the plant, because the environment is very ventilated, water spray can be washed dust, let the blades cleaner, pay attention to not let the water stay in Ye Xin, otherwise it will be rotten Boy child. Water should be fully watered in the summer, the other season is maintained, and a thin liquid fertilizer is applied each month. Water should be strictly controlled in winter to keep the potting soil dry.

Boy boy breeding method: fertilization

The bear boy is not high in fertilizer, and a decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer is applied per month. You can also do not fertilize.

Boy boy breeding method: breeding

The propagation method commonly used by the bear boy is cutting, and the best choice of spring and autumn is carried out in the spring and autumn. The temperature is about 23 degrees. At this time, the bear boy stops sleep to grow, which is conducive to improving the survival of the plant.

When the bear boy reproduces, the full-length branches are selected in the plants 4-6 to cut the branches below, and the cool and ventilated are dry. Insert the branches of the dry wound into the soil, and put it in a cool and ventilated place, because the branches are not rooted, the expansion will cause a lot of evaporation of plant leaf water, resulting in dry plants.

The soil cutting of the branches is best to choose the mixed soil of vermiculite + pearl rock + mud carbon.

Boy boy breeding method: pest harm

The disease mainly has a sick and leaf spot, sprayed with 50% Kamadan 800 times solution. Insects have a chip insect and powder hazard, 40% oxide cream is 1000 times liquid.

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