How is the difference between Furong Snow Lotus and Snow Lotus and Monroe

Furong Snow Lotus

In comparison, the leaves of Furong Snow Lotus are relatively long. This is easier to distinguish when the seedlings are. In autumn and winter, its leaves are often pink and tender, but they are gradient.

The molding plant of Furong Snow Lotus is generally tall, taller than Monroe and Snow Lotus, and the plants are not so compact. The leaves are relatively sharp and no Monroe looks fat.

Snow lotus

Snow lotus plants are still relatively easy to recognize. Its seedlings are similar to adult plants. The leaves are relatively compact, round, and even the tip of the leaves is relatively round. A layer of white powder is often covered on the leaves, and the overall will become pink as a whole during autumn and winter, which is more obvious.

Snow lotus is well recognized. The seedlings are almost the same as that of adults. The leaves are compact and obtuse, and the tip of the leaves is a very round arc; a thick layer of white powder, very uniform, usually changes to powder as a whole in autumn and winter, not like Monroe He Xuelian is obvious gradient.

Snow lotus’s adult plant looks very compact and the leaves are the most round.


Monroe is similar to Snow Lotus from the leaves. It can be distinguished from Furong Snow Lotus during the small seedling period because it is shorter and round. During the autumn and winter seasons, Monroe will show a strong gradient, usually a little more red, and erythema appears on the leaves.

However, Monroe’s plant grows less compact, the leaves are longer, and they are not so rounded. They can be different from Snow Lotus. Compared to Furong Snow Lotus, it is still compact and thick, mainly because the color becomes deeper in autumn and winter.

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