How long does the bear child cut?

How long does the bear child cut?

The general environment is good (here the environment refers to the temperature, the humidity is large, the sun is mild), and it can be rooted 1 to 2 weeks after the cutting. Because the environment is different, some areas can take more than 20 geniuses, or even root, this situation is very common.

The specific time can be determined according to the health of the branches, there is still no root of 20 more days, but the leaves do not change, can continue waiting, increase humidity; if the blades have been obviously rotted, chemical water, explain the soil, the environment is too humid, cutting fail.

Don’t judge the bear boy roots without lush

Bears before the cutting of the bear, put the branches in the cool place for 2 to 3 days, and the wound was completely dried in the insertion.

Just plugged in the branches, the leaves were full of gloss, but after a period of time, the leaves will become rushing, no luster, this is normal. Continue waiting until that day suddenly found that the leaves were re-enlarged, congratulations, the bear has been rooted, and the new leaves will soon.

If the bear boy is not rooted, you need to reflect, one is that the soil is not good, the second is that the blade buried is relatively deep, and the third is too much water, fourth is not suitable (15 ~ 25 ° C).

Through the method of judge the root and whether the bear boy is orwise, although this method cannot be 100% accurate, it can judge the growth state of the bear, and when the flowers say it, the bear boy roots are affirmative. How long does the bear boy cut a root? If you don’t think how to judge the bear boy, Xiaobian will introduce it to you.

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