How long is the flowering period of lavender

How long is the flowering period of lavender

Lavender is a lovely blue -purple cute flower, and the plant height is generally between 30 and 90 cm. Lavender is a very valuable ornamental plant. Both leaves and flowers are pure and beautiful, and the pale purple color is refreshing. Whether it is potted in the home or planting on the courtyard road, it is very suitable.

Lavender’s flowers are elegant and elegant, small, buds, as if you are looking forward to something, or yearning for the future. Gently touch a mysterious aroma. Like its flower language, waiting for love, until it was touched and dispersed with a romantic aroma.

The flowering time of lavender is usually in June. There are generally no flowers in winter, and there will be a small amount of flowers in summer, regardless of the country and region. However, in some cooler summer, lavender flowers will bloom very well, especially for good protection, or potted lavender blooms longer, but the flowering time is not necessarily.

When will you open

Lavender bloom is usually from June to August. It loves lighting, has better ability to adapt to the environment, is resistant to cold, barren, drought -resistant, heat -resistant, and salt -resistant. As long as the cultivation is ventilated, the light is sufficient. If it is warm in winter and cool, it will be better. Generally, after sowing, it can bloom after 18 to 20 weeks.

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