How long is tulip?

Flowering time

Every year, it is the flowering time of tulips from 3 to April, and its flower period is about 3-5 months. Natural growth of tulips growing up from November to March, the Spring Festival is blooming.


Tulips from flowering to falling flowers, approximately time is around 1 week.

How to control the flower period

Early promotion

After the blessings of tulips in the middle and late June, they can be placed around 34 ° C for about 1 week. Then gradually reduce the temperature, and stand around 17-20 ° C for about 50-55 days, which can promote the differentiation of flower buds.

The temperature conditions of 7-9 ° C are suitable for refrigerating treatment, which can be planted in late September to early October, and can flow in December.

Medium-term promotion

Every year in June, harvesting the bulbs, first place the bulbs at a temperature of 17-20 ° C, etc., etc. It can bloom in February of the following year.


Every July, the bulb of receipts can be prevented in the environmental conditions of 23 ° C for approximately 50-55 days, and then store it for 1 month under environmental conditions at 20 ° C. Wait until the autumn is transferred into cool, put it. During the temperature of 17 ° C, it was planted until November, and it can be blooming at the end of March.

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