How many flowers can I bloom a year?Have you counted it?

The habit of crimson jade

As a cactus, even a name that sounds very foreign, in fact, the scarlet jade is still a kind of flower. The vitality is tenacious and likes the sun, but it can also resist the coolness. There is no special requirements for the soil environment, which can resist drought, but it takes more water supply when blooming to ensure the bright flowers.

The flowering time of the crimson jade

Although there is no accurate flowering period, May should be a relatively special period. At this time, the crimson jade began to show signs of flowering. It is said that some well -maintained flower friends can see the release of crimson jade in three seasons of the year. If you have to set a flowering period, it may be from May to November of the year.

If the specific day, the crimson jade is generally open before the noon, but the duration is relatively short, and it will gather together all night. Therefore, friends who watch flowers are best calculated to avoid missing. The flowers of the crimson jade are surrounded by the flowers, but the separate opening time is only two or three days.

Scarlet jade opened several times a year

Each plant that blooms in each plant every year is different, and the number of flowers that bloom this year in the previous year will be different. It depends on the good or bad of maintenance.

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