How should family flowers apply reasonable fertilization

How to fertilize the flowers that you want to transplants when you just buy it back

If you are just buying a small potted plant that you just buy from the market, you should not apply immediately, not only will it not play a role in promoting the plant to promote growth. Therefore, the potted plant that is just bought is only one -quarter to one -fifth of organic fertilizer.

Fertilization essentials of different seasons


The temperature in spring and the recovery of all things are the season when flowers grow, and nutrients must be provided in a timely manner. At this time, the soil in the flower pot is needed to be simple and loose, and a certain amount of flower fertilizer is applied. We must pay attention to the rich organic matter. Best below the soil depth of 2cm is best, and then water it. Repeat this operation in January.


In summer, the temperature is high, and the growth rate of flowers will be fast. At this time, fertilization is mainly high nitrogen fertilizer. The fertilization method is different from spring, and nitrogen fertilizer needs to be melted in water. Remember a small amount of fertilization in summer.


The fertilization in autumn is to enhance the resistance to the flowers before the cold winter, absorb enough nutrients, and prevent frost damage. In addition to the fertilizer is high potassium fertilizer, the operation is the same as the fertilization method in summer, and it is also a small amount.


In winter, low nitrogen fertilizers are used. Except for the miracle plant of indoor breeding, other flowers do not need to fertilize.

Precautions for Family Flowers Following Flowers

Fertilizer cannot be applied to the surface of the soil to avoid causing a roots.

Leaf surface fertilizer can be used for daily topdressing.

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