How to breed daisy

The grafting method of daisies has high technical requirements, and the reproductive process is more cumbersome. It does not have high selection, grafting skills and good selection, artificial polishing and other technologies. It is difficult to develop success. This breeding method is also carried out in nursery only when a large number of seedlings are needed.

Family raising a daisy, can be used to breed, divided, and cuttings can be propagated.

Seeding breeding

Sowing time (different differences in north and south)

Southern Southern Autumn 8-September months. The northern is sowing in the spring, or the autumn broadcast, but the daisies should be moved into the relatively warm indoor environment.

Hooded / watering

Use the fine sand mixed seed to spread, cover the thick soil thickness of 0.5 cm, and the sunshade network is covered and the water is placed. Watering should be finely sprayed to ground the surface of the ground.

temperature humidity

The temperature after sowing is around 28 ° C, covering the plastic film in the early spring and rainy, to maintain soil humidity and temperature. After about 10 days, the seedlings unearthed, revealing the sunshade or plastic film, and can be transferred to the field when 2-3 pieces of seedlings.


Because the real seedlings are varied, it can be propagated using the banding method for some excellent varieties, but the growth is not as good as the real seedlings, and the toughness is different. In the middle and late March, you can dig out the old chrysanthemum vegetables, expose the root neck, and put the rooted side buds together with the old roots, transplanted into the new basin. The breeding reproduction can be carried out when germination.

Cutting breeding

Cutting propagation can be made throughout the growth season, with the highest survival rate of cuttings from 4 to June.

The seedbed is preferably mixed with fresh land into the pile of rusted organic fertilizer.

Take the 3-5 sections, 8-10 cm of branches, remove the base blade, the depth of the insertion is 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the socket length.

Keep the soil moist after cutting, taboo, high temperature season needs to be blocked.

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